The 2023 HBC Conference Hackathon co-hosted by EasyA and the blockchain clubs at Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Law School. The hackathon will take place in-person and online from 3/31-4/2.
2023 Supporters

The HBC2023 Hackathon will kick off virtually on 03/31, and will then be open for people to join in-person alongside the conference in Cambridge, MA from 04/01-04/02.

Judging will take place on 04/02, with prizes awarded virtually.

So whether you're a Boston native or West coaster, make sure you sign up now!

Ex Molestias Asperiores
1/23/24 3:59 pm
Jake Loo
Thirdweb Co-Founder & CTO
John Woods
Algorand Foundation CTO
Sergey Gorbunov
Axelar CEO & Co-Founder